Predictions for Year 2011
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2011 Yearly Prediction | Monthly Prediction | Daily Prediction | Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit)

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Yearly Prediction
Monthly Prediction
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Free Astrological Predictions for the year 2011

    Yearly prediction for 2011 are loaded.

    Yearly predictions are basically written after considering main grahas (planets) like Guru, Shani, Rahu and Ketu as these grahas (planets) move very slowly, usually a year or more.

    Monthly predictions are based on planetary movements of Sun, Venus, Mars etc where the cycle is approx. 1 month.

    Disadvantage: Changes caused due to fast moving planets like, Moon, Budha, Sun, Venus and Mars are not considered.

    Daily predictions are mostly based on the movements of Moon. (in conjunction with monthly & Yearly predictions)

    As yearly predictions are prepared on a macro level and need to be shortened, we can brief either the year is good or bad. But there may be lots of good things can happen every day inbetween a general gloomy year. So, few people are getting afraid.

    To help them (and all), this year we are going to guide you with daily simple predictions (what you can expect on any day) with simple parihara slokas and tips to counter the problems. This will be published weekly to help you to know and plan everyday in advance.

    (The predictions with the movements of planets are known as kol-chara palangal (kochara predictions).

    When you see horoscope individually, you will know the predictions as per Dasa bhukthi.

    So natuarally a question will arise as Which is better. Neither. Prayers to god is better.

    Case 1: If you are a firm believer in God and do Prayers, Karma and Charity:

    Planetary Movements and its effect (Kochara or Kol-chara)    -    25%

    Dasa-Bhukthi and its effect                                                 -    35%

    Power of God (with Prayers, Japas, Offerings, charity etc)     -    40%

    Result: With blessing from God, even with a small favourable situation either in Planetary movements or in Dasa - Bhukthi or both, we can reduce our suffering and increase our happiness.

    Case 2: If you are not a firm believer in God and not does any Prayers, Karma and Charity:

    Planetary Movements and its effect (Kochara or Kol-chara)    -    35%

    Dasa-Bhukthi and its effect                                                 -    65%

    Result: You may Enjoy or Sufferas per the planetary movements & Dasa-bhukthi. Even if a person not believes in God but does his job (Karma) and do charity works, still enjoy the same benefits of Case 1 as these 2 qualities are Godly quality or noble quality.


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