January 2011
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Mesham (Aries)
Rishabha (Taurus)
Mithunam (Gemini)
Kataka (Cancer)
Simha (Leo)
Kanni (Virgo)
Thulam (Libra)
Viruchikam (Scorpio)
Dhanusu (Capricon)
Makaram (Capricon)
Kumbham (Aquarius)
Meenam (Pisces)


Monthly predictions: Monthly predictions are written considering the fast moving grahas (planets) viz., Surya (Sun), Budha (Mercury), Sukra (Venus) and Chevvai (Mars) which takes about 1 month to cross 1 house or Rasi or zodiac with due consideration to slow moving planets like Guru (jupiter), Shani (Saturn) Rahu & Ketu (Lunar Nodes).

Monthly prediction for January 2011:

Aries - Mesha|

Taurus - Rishabha|

Gemini - Mithuna |

Cancer - Kataka|

Leo - Simha|

Virgo - Kanni|

Libra - Tula|

Scorpio - Vrichika|

Sagittarius - Dhanus|

Capricon - Makara|

Aquarius - Kumbha|



Planetary Positions as on 1st January 2011 is as follows:

Guru (Jupiter)     Ketu (South Lunar Node)
  Planetary position as on 1st january 2011  
Chevvai (Mars), Surya (Sun), Rahu (North Lunar Node) Chandran (Moon), Budhan (Mercury) Shukran (Venus) Sani (Saturn)  Lagnam

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